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We moved our office to the heart of Munich

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New Research Center for Rotary Engines

In addition to the consulting business in Munich,

Christian Scheiblegger has founded the REngineers GmbH in Austria:

- Software development

- Patents & software licensing

- Plenty of space to do research and testing

- Teaching & education for mechanics, students and engineers

- Car dealer for vehicles with rotary engines or alternative fuels

REngineers GmbH


New Research Center for Rotary Engines in Austria


REngineers GmbH

Sonnfeld 2

6345 Koessen



Rotary Engines

Renewable Energy

Research & Education


AVEC 2016 Munich

The 13th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control AVEC'16 will be held in Munich from September 13-16, 2016.

Early registraation is available until 27th May 2016.


Christian Scheiblegger will present the topic:

Modeling Hydro Mounts in Vehicles for Durability Load Analyses, Ride Comfort and Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

Christian Scheiblegger 1, Nantu Roy 2, Peter E. Pfeffer 3, Andrew J. Hillis 4

1 MdynamiX AG, 2 Fiat-Chrysler-Automobiles, 3 Munich University of Applied Sciences,  4 University of Bath


Partner of Videoinsight® Foundation

Christian Scheiblegger has been anounced as Curator for Corporate Training Program for the Videoinsight® Foundation




The Foundation for Art and Science Videoinsight® was founded in 2013 by psychotherapist and art collector Dr Rebecca Luciana Russo in Turin.

Specifically chosen contemporary artworks and art videos are used to positively influence the sub-conscious mind of the observer. Numerous scientific studies have proven that the Videoinsight Method® is very beneficial for improved and faster healing, e.g. after surgeries.

Beside the non-profit activities in medicine, art and psychology the Videoinsight Method® is also used for training of high-performance athletes, to free from addictions or bad habits, release stress and for general personal training and employee motivation.

The Corporate Training Program is the first profit-oriented department of the Videoinsight® Foundation. As curator for the Corporate Training Program, Christian Scheiblegger promotes the use of Videoinsight Method® for training purpose and coordinates other Videoinsight® projects in Germany and Austria.

Podium discussion at 3rd PhD symposium at Munich University of Applied Sciences.

20th May 2015.


Dr. Stefanie Fuleda, Dr. Sebastian Schmidt, Dr. Markus Ehmann, Dr. Tobias Müller und Christian Scheiblegger. Photo: Marco Gierschewski

Meet us at SAE congress and Exhibition in Detroit

Christian Scheiblegger is at SAE congress from 21st-23rd April 2015

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First lecture on 'Wankel rotary engines for hybrid vehicles' at Munich University of Applied Sciences

At Hochschule München students of 7th semester have been introduced to the challenges for electric vehicles and hybrid cars in the near future.

The 90min teaching has been held as part of lecture 'Entwicklungs- und Qualitätsmethoden' (EQM - methods for development and quality control) for the Automotive Engineering degree at Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS).


Chris was invited by Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Melzer to teach as external lecturer, due to his profound knowlege about rotary engines (RE) and long-time experinence with Mazda RE-cars.


Wankel rotary engines offer much better power-to-weigth ratio, small size and show benefits for use with hydrogen fuel. Since engine sice and package concerns are of particular interest for hybrid cars RE are increasingly discussed for use. Latest developments include small-size Wankel RE for use as range-extender in Electric Vehicles (EV).

Alternatively hydrogen-fueled or bi-fuel rotary engines could be used as main combustion engine in hybrid cars. The combination of electric motor for low speed, high torque and Wankel engine for constant driving speed eliminates the Wankel engines main drawback - that is lower efficiency under light-loading conditions.

After 60min presentation, a Mazda RX-8 has been demonstrated to discuss real-car applications. A demonstration engine has been provided by Prof. Dr. Werner Bauer to show how Wankel engines work.


After this introductory lecture, the students will do their own research about Wankel RE for Hybrid Cars. A final presentation of the student group's results is sceduled for 23rd and/or 30th June 2015 (1:45pm-5:30pm in R1.049). For lecture notes please send us an email info(at)


We hope this lecture will become a regular event and look forward to future collaboration with Munich University of Applied Sciences.

CS 17.4.2015